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BellaTrove® Companion® Maxx WP


Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain ENV503 from Companion on root surface

There are few issues more threatening to crop health, and ultimately yield, than disease. Severe attacks on plants can inhibit a successful harvest and maximum yield potential, but these threats are controllable.

BellaTrove® Companion® Maxx WP is a multiple mode of action disease management tool and contains our proprietary active ingredient Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain ENV503, a plant growth promoting rhizobacterium that quickly establishes beneficial colonies on the plant’s roots and leaves. This 100% water-dispersible, broad-spectrum biological fungicide is specially designed to:

  • Prevent, control and suppress soil-borne and foliar disease

  • Stimulate plant’s natural defenses

  • Enhance crop fertility

  • Promote increased plant growth and stress resistance

Disease Management Tool
Companion® Maxx WP is:

  • An effective tool to address pesticidal resistance

  • Non-toxic to humans and wildlife

  • Offers multiple modes of action, directly fighting pathogens and activating the plant’s own immune response (ISR)

Trusted Companion®
This broad-spectrum biofungicide:

  • Is compatible with many chemical pesticides & plant nutrition product (see product label for directions for use)

  • Increases a plant’s own ability to fight disease and withstand stress

  • Offers flexible application

  • Has a zero pre-harvest interval (PHI)

  • Offers a short reentry


Companion® Maxx WP 9 days after application

Provides Fungal and Bacterial Disease Control
Companion® Maxx WP offers broad spectrum disease control of both fungal and bacterial pathogens. It addresses more than three dozen common diseases including:

  • Root/crown rots and damping-off

  • Anthracnose

  • Bacterial blights

  • Cankers

  • Mildews and molds

  • Spots and scabs

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 Treated lettuce

Untreated  lettuce

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