Giant Pumpkin Wins Contest!

Wisconsin grower Jim Ford, a longtime DPH customer, took home the blue ribbon at this year’s River Prairie Ginormous Pumpkin Festival in Altoona. According to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, his prizewinning pumpkin, a whopping 2,015 pounds, is currently the fourth largest in the world! What’s more, Jim grew it in his humble backyard.

“Growing giant pumpkins is another madness passion,” Jim said. “It takes what I love doing, growing produce, and turns it into a sport.”

Jim has worked with our legacy agronomists for more than a decade and uses a host of DPH products, including SP-1, Myco Seed Treat, Bio-Humus and Manganese L. He says he’ll definitely use these products again on his pumpkins next year. “I believe in the biology of these products,” Jim said. “Many of us giant pumpkin growers grow in the same area year after year. You get the same pathogens in the soil, and certain soil pathogens are hard to get rid of, nearly impossible. [These products] keep the good guys going that compete with the bad guys in the soil.”

Jim cited better nutrient uptake and overall plant and soil health. “At the peak, I was getting 52 lbs of growth a day,” Jim said. “With that growth, you need the nutrients [to be there] at the time that you need them. The soil needs to be firing on all cylinders. The biology and nutrients [in DPH products] help.”

Bonus! Jim won the 2020 Cedarburg Weigh Off with another pumpkin clocking in at 1,785 pounds.