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Huge, Healthy Popcorn Roots!

Meet our friend Justin Burbrink of Burbrink Family Farms in Columbus, IN. Justin is a livestock and row crop farmer, a father of four, and a loyal customer for more than 10 years. His latest popcorn roots are some of the most impressive we’ve seen! Check out the

  • Sheer mass of the root system!

  • Angle of the root – Indicates good soil tilth

  • Ample hair roots on the main roots & soil clinging to the roots – Indicates active soil biology

Justin’s starter fertility program, which he applied on both sides of the row for uniform growth this year, includes NPKs, micronutrients and SP-1 BioFertilizer. Looking back on our decade-long partnership, Justin said,

“The soil is healthy again. A huge part of that is SP-1, which we apply to the soil every year.”

This nutrient-rich solution has produced an increase in biology. “Before we started with Douglas Plant Health, earthworms were nonexistent,” Justin said. “You couldn’t find them; now they’re everywhere!” In many ways, earthworms’ activity in the soil improves farm productivity by increasing nutrient availability, improving drainage, and stabilizing soil structure. Considering his soil, Justin said, “We found an earthworm in every single root we dug [in] the last 2-3 years.”

For years, Justin worked with Ray Roettger, one of our agronomists. We lost Ray in 2016. “He was a great guy,” said Justin, who’s spent the last four years building a rapport with Ken Musselman. Both were “genuinely concerned about the success of our operation,” Justin said. “They’re great to work with.”

SP-1 Spec Sheet

SP-1 Label


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