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Tree Spade Companies Depend on Essential® Plus 1-0-1

Tree spade companies down the West Coast from Oregon to California choose Essential® Plus 1-0-1 as a critical part of their transplant process. With extra-large 90”—106” inch tree spades, these companies do some serious transplanting. A few days before they spade the tree, they drench the root area with Essential® Plus. Then, after the tree is moved and planted, they follow up with a second drench.


Essential® Plus reduces transplant shock and improves soil conditions for rooting and survivability. This is critical to their business as they receive many transplanting requests. To guarantee customers tree survival or free replacement, these tree spade companies rely on Essential® Plus 1-0-1.


“I have been using Essential® for years in the Fort Collins, Colorado parks’ system. I use it mostly as part of my sports field fertilization program and to provide a healthy, growing median for newly seeded areas. The fact that it is a natural soil amendment is also very appealing. I believe that feeding the soil microorganisms is the key to healthy turf.

[I’ve seen] a noticeable improvement in the thickness and overall verdure of the turf. Another success is the results I’ve witnessed when Essential® was applied to a newly seeded plot. The germination rate was ahead of schedule and treating the plot every three weeks for 9 weeks produced an incredible stand of bluegrass.

I would recommend Essential® for healthier and thicker turf!”

Roger Daigle

Sports Turf Crew Chief

City of Fort Collins, Colorado


“To be as thorough as possible with our greens program, we started using [Essential® Plus] because it provides both amino and humic acids, as well as stimulates microbial activity. It continues to be a part of our program because our overall greens’ health has never been better.”

John C. Crall Wolfdancer Golf Club Lost Pines, TX


“I have been using Essential® Plus for years. It has worked well in my program and it gives my greens and trees great color and vigor when the weather is not on your side. Thanks to Essential® I can provide championship conditions for my club.”

Brian Golaski Noyac Golf Club Sag Harbor, NY

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