For more than three decades, our legacy companies have delivered value to the row and specialty crop, turf and ornamental markets with unmatched results. Three years ago, we brought together complementary technologies under Douglas Plant Health. Today, DPH Biologicals™ is working with our partners to expand access to one of the most complete biofertility solutions available – TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic™.

Building upon our heritage, DPH Biologicals is meeting the needs of our customers through a disciplined product innovation process rooted in science and managed by a seasoned leadership team with years of experience in biological plant nutrition, crop protection and precision agronomy.


In 2018 Douglas Plant Health was formed through the acquisition of AgriEnergy Resources and Growth Products and today we are DPH Biologicals, building on our heritage and bringing focus to our core biological platform of products​.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team represents years of experience working at the forefront of biological plant nutrition, crop protection and precision agronomy. While serving in leadership roles at Bayer, BASF, Corteva and Syngenta as well as at agtech startups and ag retailers, these leaders focused on advancing innovation and emerging technologies to deliver in-field results for growers.

Mick Messman

President and Chief Executive Officer, DPH Biologicals


In April 2021, Mick was named President and Chief Executive Officer of DPH Biologicals, bringing twenty-five years of experience in crop protection, seed treatment and biologicals after serving in commercial leadership roles at two leading multi-nationals and emerging agtech companies. Today, Mick is leading DPH Biologicals to deliver more value to partners and growers through collaborative relationships and access to its trusted biological platform.

Alex Cochran

Chief Technology Officer, DPH Biologicals


Alex Cochran, Ph.D., joined Douglas Plant Health in June 2021 as Chief Technology Officer, responsible for advancing the company’s science and technology portfolio. He brings more than twenty years of agricultural research & development experience, holding multiple leadership roles at Syngenta and Corteva focused on crop protection, seed treatments and biologicals. Alex has an exceptional record of developing some of the most successful active ingredients and product concepts for foliar, seed, soil and turf applications. 

Joe Hanson

Chief Commercial Officer, DPH Biologicals


Joe Hanson joined DPH Biologicals as Chief Commercial Officer in June 2021, responsible for the company’s sales and marketing strategy. Joe’s success advancing ground-breaking technologies, growing businesses and maintaining positive relationships across the industry further enables DPH Biologicals to realize sustainable growth and lead in the biofertilizer market.

Chris Feiden

Chief Operating Officer, DPH Biologicals


Chris Feiden is the Chief Operating Officer of the Plant Health Division and serves on the corporate leadership team. Before joining Douglas Products in 2016, Chris served as supply chain manager with BioZyme where he implemented a robust planning process to meet customer demand and anticipate market shifts and an automated bagging line to expedite the production processes.

Brad Holzworth

Senior VP of Strategy and Marketing


Brad Holzworth joined DPH Biologicals in August 2021 as the vice president of marketing, a newly created role reflecting the company’s goal to advance its proven technology across the global agriculture industry. Brad brings more than 25 years of experience building and implementing multi faceted marketing programs for ag inputs.

Cliff Watrin

Vice President of Agronomy

Cliff Watrin Charcoal Background.jpg

Cliff Watrin joined DPH as vice president of agronomy in March 2022 and is responsible for advancing the company’s technical product positioning and customer agronomic support. Watrin brings more than 30 years of leadership and agricultural research and development experiences to this newly created role.  

Marcus Jones

Vice President of Science and Technology

Marcus Jones.jpg

Marcus Jones, PhD, joined DPH Biologicals in 2022 with extensive experience in agronomy, plant science, precision agriculture and product development. He has worked in a variety of roles for multinationals such as Syngenta, Monsanto, ADAMA as well as in biotech startups like New Leaf Symbiotics. 

Roberto Werneck

Senior Vice President


Roberto’s experience includes leadership roles with Syngenta, where he led strategic planning, new business development and the Lawn, Garden and Ornamentals Business Unit. Roberto is from Brazil and is in the process of relocating to Indianapolis.