TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic™

The Complete BioFertilizer

As supply chain challenges escalate and fertilizer shortages loom, uncertainty remains as to how growers will fertilize their crops. While synthetic fertilizers have become an essential component of healthy crop development, there is a competitive alternative in the market that is now available for the broad acre without sacrificing yield.

The answer? Unlocking the fertility that already exists in your soil through TerraTrove, a platform of broad-acre biological solutions available for a wide range of crops, soil types and growing environments.

Plant pathologist Alex Cochran, Ph.D., explains the data and science behind using biofertilizers in this webinar – “A Roadmap to Success: How to Customize Biofertility Practices to Maximize Farm Profit.

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TerraTrove SP-1 Classic Product Brief

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When TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic™ is applied in-furrow with starter fertilizer, growers have reliably replaced up to 50% of their synthetic starter fertilizer needs when planting, without sacrificing performance and in many cases improving crop yield and on-farm profitability.

Prime your plants. Combat abiotic stress.

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Across nationwide foliar trials, fields treated with SP-1 Classic saw an increase in yield compared to control fields treated with grower standard practices.

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Lessen Abiotic Stress

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Improve Water Use Efficiency

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Focus Plant Energy On Growth


SP-1 Classic’s easy-to-use, tank-mix compatable liquid formulation seamlessly integrates into broad acre, foliar application practices.

Soil Fertility Unleashed

Maximize your crops’ horsepower by freeing up untapped nutrients in your soil.

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A diverse collection of microbes, plant extracts and algae that work in harmony to improve soil structure, make more nutrients available and ultimately can increase yield.

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Replace up to 50% of synthetic starter fertilizer when used in-furrow when planting.

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Easy-to-use liquid formulation seamlessly integrates into broad acre application practices, including broadcast, in-furrow, drip and fertigation.

To unleash your soil’s fertility and can maximize your crops’ potential, ask your trusted retailer for TerraTrove today.

Deep dive into the data behind DPH Biologicals. Download our white paper, “Improving Farm Profitability with Biofertilizers” for a data-driven, science-verified look at how biofertilizers and SP-1 Classic improve farm profitability.