BioAgonomics™ noun

  1.  The branch of knowledge in agriculture focused on the connection between agronomic practices in crop production and the transfer and consumption of value uniquely unlocked by biologicals.
  2.  The utility of biologicals to create sustainable profitability and ingenuity across the supply chain for material prosperity.

Use: “Built upon decades of agronomic innovation and development, DPH Bio’s product portfolio helps growers and their trusted channel partners leverage BioAgonomics for a triple bottom-line impact by improving crop production, land stewardship and rural livelihoods.” Or  “DPH Bio’s RegenAphex technology platform enables agribusinesses to deliver more sustainable product innovation for their customers.”


English; bio– from biologicals + ag– from agronomy as the basis of economic + the plural suffix –s. It’s the study of how farmers use biological resources to improve agronomic practices to mitigate environmental and financial risks.