Row Crop Solutions

Facing soil damage with few practical solutions?

As consumers demand a safe and sustainable food supply, growers are seeking biofertility and biocontrol products they can count on to steward crops’ natural resources without sacrificing profitability.

​For decades, we have delivered trusted biological solutions to row crop farmers in the organic sector driving toward environmental and business sustainability. Under our new technology platform TerraTrove™, we are expanding access to our core portfolio.

​With flexible application across soil types and geographies, TerraTrove™ returns soils from a biology net negative to a net positive. TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic™, the solid foundation of our innovation pipeline, has been verified year over year by growers and industry professionals.

“I use SP-1™ simply because I’ve seen fantastic results and it’s repeatable on different crops. Every single year I’ve used it, I’ve seen a good response and I’m improving the soil. Soil health and soil improvement makes a huge difference on crop productivity.”

Dr. Mike Orzolek, Emeritus Plant Science, Penn State University and DPH Biologicals Agronomy Consultant

soybean field

More growers are discovering daily the best kept secret in ag and the value DPH Biologicals™ delivers.

Biological Product Presentations

SP-1 Classic Data Presentation

Residuce Data Presentation