Breaking Down Biologicals for In-Field Benefits


CropeLife Industry Innovation Series:

Wed, Sep 14, 2022 2:00 PM EDT (1:00 PM CDT)

Webinar Event:

Breaking Down Biologicals for In-Field Benefits

​As growers integrate biologicals into existing fertility programs, many are looking for comprehensive product solutions that improve soil health and fertility throughout the year. Before selecting new products, decision makers need to understand how biologicals can seamlessly and holistically integrate within existing systems to deliver long-term value without disruption to operations.

As the biologicals segment becomes crowded, learn how complete biologicals such as SP-1 Classic™ and Residuce® Complete can boost ROI by manufacturing fertility, improving nutrient uptake and retaining carbon in the soil. Hear field-tested tips and techniques for using biologicals as a complement or replacement to synthetic technologies. Participants will also receive a free copy of the Biologicals 101 white paper.

Featured Speaker:

Alex Cochran

Alex Cochran, Ph.D
Chief Technology Officer
DPH Biologicals