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Biology + IBA in One Unique Formulation

A 100% water-dispersible, broad-spectrum biostimulant.

This proactive solution features IBA, which works to improve root growth and nutrient absorption in turf, trees & nursery products.

Our proven formulation provides success with many different applications & plant types. Using RootXCell™, customers see:

–  Early established root vigor leads to increased nursery survival rates.
–  Developed protective film around roots that cycles nutrients, enabling stronger root growth & plant development.
–  Increased amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium captured by the plant.


Left: Untreated, Right: Treated with RootXCell™

How it works?

This first-of-its-kind BioStimulant is a proactive approach, combating common challenges throughout all stages of growth. The combination of biology + IBA stimulates root growth leading to increased nutrient uptake, reduced stress, and improved water use efficiency. RootXCell™’s 100% water dispersibility with multiple application methods allow for complete flexibility and seamless integration into any fertility program.

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RootXCell™ is a 100% water-dispersible product,
tank mix ready with your current fertility program.


What’s in it?

Natural auxin accelerating rate of mitosis for root development and nutrient absorption

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
shown in multiple studies to be an aggressive colonizer in the rhizosphere

Fungi that enhance water & nutrient uptake, more efficiently utilizing soil than roots alone

Plant hormones that divide cells, to increase plant growth & budding through the roots & shoots

Vitamins used to promote root development & growth through diverse metabolic activity

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Why IBA?

(Indole-3-butyric acid)

A naturally occurring auxin that:

–  accelerates the rate of mitosis

–  increases root development

–  enhances nutrient absorption

–  improves plant stress tolerance

Discover the Power of Biology + IBA

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Stimulates Root Growth

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Increases Stress Tolerance & Survival Rates

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Decreases Transplant Shock