Looking to improve crop quality?
Establish plants quickly?
Reverse the effects of fumigation?

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From supporting root structure to plant growth, specialty growers need a holistic approach to quickly, tangibly improve soil and plant health. DPH Biologicals™ exists to meet these core needs, delivering sustainable products that ensure better stand establishment, higher crop quality and greater yield.

​Founded on our complete biofertility solution SP-1 Classic™, our trusted technology platform TerraTrove™ helps establish plants quickly, promote nutrient availability and create a robust, biology-rich environment to benefit soils and plants from the outset.

​Apply this unique biofertility product

✔ Over the growing season
✔ After transplanting
✔ After fumigating

to form a home for beneficial bacteria and supercharge the soil with microbes, plant extracts and algae.

Improve soil tilth

Reduce compaction

Restore plant vigor

Solubilize phosphorus

Cycle nutrients to become more available

And more!

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Discover the value TerraTrove™ and SP-1 Classic™ can deliver to your farm.