Envelix Prime 

Prime: Taking Great to a New Level!

What is Prime?

DPH BIO’s new Prime platform uses a patented production process for Bacillus spp. to accelerate the germination of bacteria spores, supporting overall plant development while providing crops with more consistent resilience against heat, drought, and alkaline and saline soil conditions. By utilizing a unique manufacturing process, DPH BIO has enabled Bacillus spores to germinate faster resulting in more consistent performance especially in stressful conditions. Kept in a dry, dormant state to germinate quicker, Prime spores colonize the root zone faster, capturing nitrogen while solubilizing potassium and phosphorus for more effective nutrient uptake. In a lab trial, Prime enabled more than 70% of Bacillus spores to germinate at temperatures as high as 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, while those without Prime germinated less than 10% after 50 minutes. Additionally, nearly all spores with Prime germinated in high salt environments, while those that were not treated with Prime did not germinate.  The first Prime-based products include Envelix Prime, Essential™ Prime Corn PAK and Essential™ Prime Soy PAK.


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Envelix™ Prime

  • Envelix™ Prime is a dry patented microbial nutrient enhancer designed to uniformly cover bulk dry fertilizer. Envelix Prime works faster to make your fertilizer more available. Early season vigor and uniform plant establishment over diverse regions & climates
  • Enhanced nutrient efficiency and more yield stability in stress conditions
  • Drives maximum root growth and plant biomass in high yield conditions
  • Contains two fungicides for for added pythium and phytophthora control


  • Ability to seamlessly integrate biology into MAP, DAP & Urea to maximize nutrient use efficiency.
  • Envelix Prime contains naturally occurring Beneficial Bacterial and Fungal microorganisms designed for the most efficient utilization of NPK and locked up nutrients in the soil.
  • Built on a patented carrier which adheres the microorganisms to the fertilizer prill.
  • Envelix Prime builds microbial diversity in the soil and cycles nutrients, enabling increased nutrient availability and improved performance of NPK applied fertilizers in a single application.

Prime enables the bacteria to be more resilient resulting in faster acting – longer lasting consistent performance under different temperatures.


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Fast Acting-Long Lasting

  • Speed of germination of Bacillus spores greatly impacts how quickly beneficial biologicals impact the soil around the seed (rhizosphere).
  • Best-In-Class semi-dormant strains ensure they remain viable when stored and long lasting when they are applied and go to work in the soil.