Essential Plus®

In the fight to keep grasses green amid stress, it’s easy to deprioritize soil health. It can seem too great a time and labor investment to revitalize poor root systems, dry soil and biologically scarce environments. As a result, the industry is demanding simple, easily integratable solutions that penetrate deep into soils and encourage durability.

Essential Plus® is an all-in-one solution — a biostimulant, stress reducer and 100% natural soil amendment optimized for plant recovery and strength. This integrated solution contains humic acid to replenish soils that have been depleted of organic matter, helps alleviate soil compaction and provides a food source for beneficial soil microorganisms.

​Essential Plus delivers a unique nutritional blend that includes:

  • ​Natural wetting agent
  • Organic proteins
  • Fish protein hydrolysate
  • High percentage of humic acid

​This biology-rich combination works together to:

  • ​Increase root division and mass
  • Enhance cation exchange
  • Improve water management
  • Allow water and fertilizer to penetrate soils deeper
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Combine well with fertilizers