To improve soil health and ultimately enhance turf, more greenskeepers are integrating biologicals into their turf management programs. Products containing microbes, sugars and wetting agents can replenish soil’s natural biology by strengthening the plant from the roots up.

​BioNutrients™ is an easy to apply, diverse mix of five species of beneficial bacteria. This biostimulant delivers an NPK of 7-0-5, a high percentage of humic acid, kelp extract as well as a natural wetting agent. The soil conditioners improve soil structure by increasing aeration and water holding capacity while providing nutrients for the plant and a food source for microbes.

​Big Picture

  • Offers an easy to apply, water soluble solution containing natural rhizosphere bacteria to improve soil health.
  • Combines humic acid, kelp, sugars, microbes and nitrogen to improve cation exchange and promote a healthier root system.