Residuce® WS

In principle, organic matter benefits the soil, but greenskeepers know in excess it is a hassle. Excess carbon creates spongy, difficult playing conditions on golf courses and constant clippings on lawns. To compensate, turf managers depend on solutions that are tough on lignans but not soil’s natural biology.

Got Black Layer and Thatch?

Residuce® WS is a diverse blend of naturally occurring, nutrient cycling microorganisms that also includes a food source. These organisms work together to effectively break down tough plant residue, such as thatch and black layering.

​Deliver Fungal and Bacterial Microorganisms

This diverse microbial solution:

  • Contains four types of bacteria, two types of fungi and a high percentage of sugars to help establish microorganisms, as well as micronutrients such as calcium that are critical to soil flocculation.
  • Utilizes a reserve of nutrients in thatch, converting it into usable energy.
  • Increases soil nutrient availability.
  • Ensures a completely nontoxic and highly soluble option that can be combined with most other fertilizers.
  • Transports and stores easily, with a shelf life of more than two years.
  • Offers versatile application timing.
  • Addresses dead organic material in the root zone.

​Discover More: Residuce WS is also a key component in our new BioAeration™ program.