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Soil Health Reimagined

Learning From Biology to Lead in Biologicals


By harnessing the power of microbes, plant extracts and algae to rejuvenate the rhizosphere, our portfolio of proven biologicals transform the soil structure and optimize soil fertility and micronutrient uptake for consistent results and greater profitability.

Our technology platform has been refined across millions of acres to rapidly improve soil structure while offering alternatives and complements to traditional fertility and crop protection programs.

Featured on Rural America Live,
DPH Offers Solutions for Fertilizer Crisis 
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DPH Biologicals own Mick Messman and Joe Hanson shared how farmers are adding biologicals to maintain yield and manage through the ongoing fertilizer crisis. Click to learn the science behind biologicals and discuss how our flagship biofertilizer TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic™ can be a game changer this season.

“I use SP-1 simply because I've seen fantastic results and it’s repeatable on different crops. Every single year I’ve used it, I’ve seen a good response and I’m improving the soil. Soil health and soil improvement makes a huge difference on crop productivity.”

Dr. Mike Orzolek Emeritus Plant Science, Penn State University and DPH Biologicals Agronomy Consultant

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