Turf & Ornamentals

Turbocharge your soil with biology.

For years, the crown of our industry was N, P and K. Today, we understand biology as the key ingredient to achieving healthy soil and plants.

​For decades our biologicals, including our recognized Companion® technology, have risen to this challenge on turf grasses across the U.S. and in select international markets, including London Stadium and the Watford football club.

​We are now expanding our portfolio by adapting our top-performing Ag technologies to serve the turf and ornamental markets.

Paving the way for new growth is our game-changing turf management program BioAeration™—a specialized suite of products, including our complete biofertility solution SP-1 T&O™ — that replace traditional aeration with biology, transforming soil structure and reducing stress.

​Our refined portfolio also includes Micrel Total 5-0-0, a complete micronutrient package that combines six chelated micronutrients with nitrogen to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies.

DPH Biologicals is proud to work with Watford FC, a Premier League team, to keep their pitch full and beautiful.