Companion® Maxx Liquid Biological Fungicide

When laying sod, many environmental elements that contribute to disease are out of our control, but setting a strong foundation in the soil by incorporating biology into your IPM, while attacking plant pathogens can produce healthier, more stress and disease resistant sod.

Broad Spectrum BioFungicide

Companion® Maxx Liquid Biological Fungicide offers a time-tested solution to improve soil health and ensure a solid foundation for growth. This broad spectrum biofungicide is designed to prevent, control and suppress soil-borne and foliar diseases. One of our most popular technologies, Companion® includes a plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), which quickly establishes beneficial colonies on roots and leaves. This unique bacillus strain also stimulates healthier roots and improves nutrient uptake, while protecting roots from invading pathogens.

​For decades, our domestic and international customers, including London Stadium and the Watford Football Club, have ordered — and reordered — this valuable disease management tool.

​Multi-Mode of Action Tool

Companion® Maxx Liquid Biological Fungicide offers multiple modes of action to prevent and control plant disease. Its active ingredient Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain ENV503 triggers the plant’s own immune system (ISR) and disrupts pathogen cell walls from forming. This biofungicide contains microbes that break down cellulose and sugars to reduce stress, resulting in healthier soils and greater plant resistance.

​Trusted Companion®

Companion® Maxx Liquid Biological Fungicide is easily integrated into a disease management program. Customers call it a strong tank mix and rotational partner, optimizing the performance of conventional fungicides.