Across the green industry, turf managers are facing straining environmental conditions, insatiable water usage and weakened turf from stress. Few products offer a solution that touches multiple branches of biology – making soils healthier, roots stronger and grasses nourished.

​The Complete BioFertilizer

SP-1™ is the complete biofertilizer, designed to manufacture fertility in the soil. This trusted technology contains a diverse community of microbes, plant-based humus extracts and algae that work together to transform soil structure, make more nutrients available and improve water use efficiency.

Golf course superintendents and lawn care operators alike rely on SP-1 to:

  • Aggregate and reinoculate soil
  • Improve air and water movement
  • Ultimately achieve stronger, greener turf

​Proven Performance

SP-1 acts as a comprehensive system, improving soil and turf health in one clear, environmental solution. Our unique formula includes:

1. Proprietary Plant-Based Humus Extract – Creates an ecosystem for water, nutrients and microbes, building a symbiotic environment ideal for essential nutrient exchange – effectively attaching the nutrients to the roots for uptake.
2. Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) – Releases free-living bacteria that colonize the rhizosphere, breaking down organic matter, releasing bound nitrogen, solubilizing phosphorus and cycling nutrients to become more available for the plant.
3. Algae – Provides green manure that quickly breaks down and releases nitrogen into soil, becoming a food source for the microbes as well as the plant.
4. Fermented Plant Extracts – Impacts microbial diversity and stabilizes overall formulation through a diverse blend of plant extracts.

​Discover More: SP-1 is a key component in DPH Biologicals’ BioAeration™.

SP-1 Label