The most complete, proven, reliable biologicals.

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As consumer demands shift and the ag supply chain tightens, biological products that can ensure consistent results, are in high demand as an alternative and/or complement to synthetic fertilizers.

Many growers will integrate biologicals into their management practices for the first time in 2022, therefore it’s critical that their first biological experience is a good one.

The TerraTrove flagship product, TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic™, is the most complete biofertilizer in the market, due to years of development and unparalleled performance. We look forward to working with growers and your trusted advisors as we expand access to SP-1 Classic for broad acre applications.

​SP-1 Classic can deliver:

  • Improved Soil Structure
  • Increased Nutrient Uptake
  • Lower Fertilizer Use
  • Better Yields
  • More Farm Profit

​The TerraTrove product portfolio is built upon SP-1 Classic, one of the industry’s most trusted technologies that has delivered unmatched results to improve soil and plant health while increasing productivity and reducing grower’s dependency on synthetic fertilizers.

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TerraTrove’s suite of biofertility solutions have been refined over decades and used on millions of acres to make it the most complete biofertility solution available. These easy-to-use products are suitable for row crop, specialty crop, turf and ornamental growers and are proven to work across a wide range of crop, soil types and growing environments.

TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic™ is a unique combination of microbes, plant extracts and algae has consistently rejuvenated the rhizosphere and has transformed soil structure for improved fertilizer and micronutrient solubilization. This distinct formulation manufactures nutrition for the plant within the soil, ensuring an ideal environment for plant growth and on-farm profitability.

The Complete Biofertilizer

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A proprietary plant-based humus extract provides a home for water, nutrients and microbes creating and environment conducive to soil-based nutrient exchange and uptake.

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Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) that has colonize the rhizosphere, breaking down organic matter, fixing nitrogen, unlocking phosphorus and cycling nutrients making them more available to plants.

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A blend of algae, carbon substrates, vitamins and minerals that act as a food source for microbes and plants.

Unlike many other biologicals, our easy-to-use liquid formulation seamlessly integrates into broad acre application practices, including broadcast, in-furrow, drip and fertigation.

Additional TerraTrove Bio-Based Solutions

TerraTrove™ Residuce®

A blend of nutrient-cycling microorganisms that break down crop stubble, leaves and compost. Perfect for fall applications.

TerraTrove™ Myco Seed Treat

A flexible, easy to use seed treatment that delivers a blend of bacteria and fungi to emerging roots and the developing rhizosphere of seeded plants.