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BellaTrove® Companion® Maxx ST


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Protection Against Soil-Borne 


Stimulate Your Plant’s Natural Defenses

Enhance Crop Fertility & Stress Resistance

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 Promote Plant Growth &

Overall Yield


Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain ENV503 from Companion on root surface

There are few issues more threatening to crop health and ultimately yield than disease, especially soil-borne and early occurring foliar diseases. Early-season protection and suppression of seedling diseases are more important than ever. 

The trusted and proven

BellaTrove® Companion®,

now in a seed treatment!

This 100% water-dispersible, broad-spectrum biological fungicide seed treatment is a multiple mode of action disease management tool and contains our proprietary active ingredient Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain ENV503- a plant growth promoting rhizobacterium that quickly establishes beneficial colonies on the plant’s roots and leaves. 

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BellaTrove® Companion® Maxx ST

More Crops, More Control.

Higher Fertility, Higher Yield.

Two Modes of Action

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Bacillus amyloliquefacians strain ENV503 film protects plant's roots from invading pathogens, stimulates healthier roots, and improves nutrient uptake. 

Trusted Companion®
This broad-spectrum biofungicide offers:

  • Compatibility with many chemical pesticides & plant nutrition products (see product label for directions for use)

  • HIghly concentraed A.I. formula

  • Flexible application: Seed Treated (Slurry), Planter Box, Hopper Box

  • OMRI Certification

  • Non-toxic to humans, livestock, and wildlife

Provides Fungal & Bacterial Disease Control
Bella Trove® Companion® Maxx ST offers broad spectrum disease control of both fungal and bacterial pathogens. It addresses more than three dozen common diseases including:

  • Damping-off fungus

    • Rhizoctonia spp.

    • Pythium spp.

  • Fusarium seedling blight

    • Fusarium spp.

Discover More: Explore our BellaTrove™ product family here.

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Three soybean seedlings showing root rot from Pythium, compared with five healthy seedlings on the right.

Zitnick-Anderson, Kim. Pythium Damping-off of Soybean, NDSU, Oct. 2022,

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