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Transform the soil profile with biology

Losing playing time on your course from mechanical aeration?

Concerned about applying products that pose risks to your turf’s health—and potentially to your customers?

Dealing with excessive thatch?

When our customers — golf course supers and lawn care operators — complained of the inefficiency of traditional aeration, we got the message. 

Introducing BioAeration™, a paradigm-shifting, biology-based aeration solution for turf managers. BioAeration™ is a nontoxic, easy-to-use program that transforms soil structure while eliminating the high costs and labor of mechanical aeration.

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How it works


BioAeration™ replaces traditional aeration by applying nutrients and targeted biology across a golf course, lawn or sports field. This specialized program not only reduces thatch, but repurposes it into a soil-building, plant-available, bioactive carbon. Combining more than 30 years of experience working with sustainable systems, BioAeration™ changes the soil profile and strengthens plant root systems, allowing them to effectively manage stress.

Mechanical aeration contributes to ugly thatch.

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What's in it


BioAeration utilizes the combined forces of SP-1™, Residuce® WS, Cal Mag Max and Nitro-22.

SP-1™ is the complete biofertility solution that transforms soil structure, ensuring an ideal environment for plant growth and root development.

Residue® WS is  a water soluble biofertilizer designed to quickly and effectively break down tough plant residues.

Cal Mag Max is a strategic combination of water soluble calcium and magnesium with nitrate nitrogen to promote soil aggregation and green turf through photosynthesis.

Nitro-22 is a unique, homogenous blend of ammonium sulfate and slow release nitrogen to optimize performance in high pH and Ca soils.

BioAeration™ delivers exceptional turf.

Groundskeeper Levi Painter managed a sports field with dry soil, little microbial activity and over 2 inches of thatch accumulated over 12 years of play, but BioAeration™ changed the soil profile in just 4 applications. With each application of BioAeration™, Painter found:

  • Less stratification

  • More hydrated soil

  • Better nutrient uptake

  • Overall exceptional turf

“The field has never looked as good!”

- Groundskeeper Emeritus John Wood, Athletic field groundskeeper for over a decade

Make the Transition to BioAeration™ Today

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Cuts application time

and labor costs

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Achieves dramatic results

with no additional machinery

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Won't clog sprayers

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