Residuce® Complete

Fill Your Soil’s Bank with Nutrients

To facilitate crop residue breakdown and make fertilizer uptake more efficient, growers turn to TerraTrove™ Residuce® Complete, a diverse blend of naturally-occurring, nutrient-cycling fungal and bacterial microorganisms. This all-in-one solution includes humic acid and a food source, recycling and repurposing unprofitable carbon.

Rich in soil-conditioning humates, Residuce Complete breaks down unavailable carbon such as corn stalks, converting them into plant-available nutrients. This process nourishes the soil, optimizing tillage and improving root vigor.

Residuce Complete — part of DPH Biological’s TerraTrove portfolio — contains an array of microbes, sugars and humic acid that protect the plant’s life cycle by securing available nutrients for future crops. While Residuce has performed well in fall, evidence suggests that use in spring could provide additional benefit. TerraTrove™ Residuce® WS, a product with applications across various crops, turf and ornamentals, is the same technology as Residuce Complete without the humic acid component.

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